Much of our frustration and confusion about our Catholic Faith can be attributed to a certain lack of knowledge.  It is our personal obligation to continually seek to learn throughout the entirety of our lives, well beyond the years of Catholic school, CCD, or RCIA. Our Faith is a mature, beautifully intricate, and intelligent Faith.  Yet in its entirety and despite (or perhaps because of) those intricacies it makes such complete and perfect sense.

The answers to all of our questions and concerns are not difficult to find and retain, in fact, they are right in front of our noses!  We simply have to be willing to seek and to cooperate with whatever God has willed for us.

​A challenge?  Yes.  Impossible? Absolutely not.  In fact, what we will find is that the more effort we put in, the easier it becomes.  Being Holy is easy with the correct mind-set.  It’s our destiny.  We simply have to desire to achieve it.


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