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Virtue & Vice Page updated!

This website has become a labor of love … although at times, nearly impossible for me to find the time to do the work that needs to be done.  I was able to set aside the entire weekend to put in a good effort and I am so relieved to share that the page under TOOLS > VIRTUE AND VICE has finally — yes FINALLY — been updated and for now, is complete.  The TOOLS section was left for last, knowing it would be the most time consuming as I attempt to swap information from my talks and workshops to the website medium.  At this point I even wonder if those who have been waiting for this information will ever come back to visit the site!  For those of you who might take a gander, please drop me a line if you find any errors or links not working properly.  I need a break — I’m starting to feel a bit impatient.  Tonight and tomorrow I hope to start the conversion of the HOLY ANYWAY information.  It should be updated on this website very soon.  However, there’s the small matter of Mass and a hockey game to distract me! 😉

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