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I thirst.

This week, our parish 33 Days to Morning Glory retreat group is reading through the section on Mother Teresa and unpacking the words of Christ on the Cross; “I thirst…”.  The perspective that Mother Teresa brings to these two simple words, that by themselves seem so plain, enrich our understanding of what God wills for us and the direction in which we should be heading.  I wanted to share a few things with that group, and anyone else who might be interested.  The first is a link to MOTHER’S LETTER in full (mentioned in today’s reading assignment and a bit longer than what is reproduced in the book) and also a meditation based on that letter.  Ave Maria Radio has the MEDITATION on their website.  Both are PDF files that you can easily download, save, and print if you like.  For those in the retreat group, I will have some copies available for you on Thursday, if you are unable to print one for yourself.  As a bonus – here’s a link to a little AUDIO FILE that might be interesting if you enjoy meditating by opening your ears instead of your eyes!  It’s about 12 minutes long.  Enjoy.

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