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Now that the weather has finally taken a turn for the better – I have been making a concerted effort to fit in some daily walking.  Generally, I am hit or miss when it comes to needing ‘entertainment’ while walking.  Most days it’s enough to take in the scenery or perhaps do some mental prayer while putting the miles behind me, but over the last week I kept feeling the urge to put in the earbuds and listen to music.  Each time, barely a few steps in, I would think to myself “You should have spent some time finding some sort of podcast or good audio file for spiritual inspiration instead of just reverting to the playlists”.  But as I was already out the door, I told myself “tomorrow” and kept moving.

Today, the thought popped into my head BEFORE I was out the door, so I did a quick search for an audio rosary.  I knew that whatever I found wouldn’t last the entire length of my morning journey so I searched for the longest one I could find, assuming it might have some music, reflections, or anything else helpful.  I was pleasantly surprised by the one that I eventually picked because the reflections on the mysteries were inspirational and following the rosary there were a few additional prayers included such as praying for the pope’s intentions and the Litany of Loreto, to name a few. I found myself at the end of the audio file actually stopping to investigate where I could find more.  As it turns out this one was produced by Relevant Radio – so I immediately downloaded the app when I saw that one was available and then randomly picked an ‘on demand’ episode from their programming to round out the rest of the walk.

My point is this:  (and yes I actually have one!)  Get the app.  Or if you aren’t interested in another application for your smart phone, go to the website RelevantRadio.com and take a peek.  You can listen live, look at their scheduling, download or play an episode of one of their many shows, find prayers, audio files, affiliates, and more.  You might find something to your liking.  From the rosary to spiritual direction to talk radio, there’s a little something for everyone.  Enjoy!

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