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Today is Pentecost Sunday.  Prior to His Ascension, Christ promised His Apostles that He would remain with them always, and send to them a Paraclete, the Holy Spirit.  On Pentecost Sunday, we remember the descent of the Spirit on those Holy Apostles, gathered in the Upper Room, as they were filled with grace and truth.  Christ’s promise is extended to us as well.  When we are open to the grace of God, the Holy Spirit dwells within our soul and remains with us, sanctifying us, strengthening us, directing us, and blessing us.  Pray for the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Cooperate with His guidance.

O King of glory, send us the Promised of the Father, the Spirit of Truth.  May the Counselor Who proceeds from You enlighten us and infuse all truth in us, as You have promised.  Amen.

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