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Mary, Mother of the Church

Today is the very first celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of the Church. This memorial, added to the calendar just a few months ago by Pope Francis, is to be celebrated on the Monday following Pentecost Sunday. You can read briefly about it on the Relevant Radio website – I will spare you having to read me going on and on about it. But I can’t help but find this so timely and appropriate for our 33 Days to Morning Glory group.

If you have the Relevant Radio app — go to “Shows on Demand” in the menu – pick “In Conversation with God”, and give a listen to the podcast there for today; it is all about why this feast day is fitting and proper, aimed at expressing the maternal role of the Church and Mary’s role in salvation history.  It’s about 18 minutes long and very well done.  Great food for thought for everyone, especially those of us nearing consecration day.  Want to read more?  Here are a few articles to take a peek at.

On the Vatican News website. | Catholic News Agency website. | The National Catholic Register website. | Opus Dei website.

Even from these websites and articles, you will find links to others.  Enjoy!


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