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33 Days

I needed to take just a moment to congratulate the wonderful group of people who made their consecration to our Blessed Mother last night at the completion of the 33 Days to Morning Glory Parish Group Retreat.  I was so blessed to get to know these people over the last six weeks, to hear their thoughts, their trials and triumphs, their insights, and their experiences along the way.  It was definitely an adventure in faith that I will never forget and that will always remind me that THIS is exactly what I love doing and where I need to be.  My life is all the richer for having had this opportunity and I am grateful that these people signed up for this retreat!  Let’s hope that we are able to do it again and again, reaching as many people as possible.

For the record — this program is well worth the time and investment if you are reading this and haven’t had the opportunity to participate.  The videos are entertaining and meaningful, the reading assignments short and manageable, and the questions thought provoking.  We all highly recommend it!

Once again, congratulations everyone, may you live out your consecration every day to the fullest, bearing the greatest of fruit not only for yourselves and your loved ones, but for everyone you touch during your life.

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