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Holy Family, Latrobe

A big thank-you to Holy Family Parish in Latrobe for inviting me to speak at their parish breakfast this morning. I enjoyed meeting you all and having the opportunity to speak one on one with many of you. I wanted to show off your beautifully restored church and show everyone who happens across my blog what breath-taking places I get to see on my guest-speaking journey.


  • Gerry Baldonieri

    I was not able to make our breakfast, but I heard nothing BUT great comments on your presentation from those who did attend. I attended your workshop while on retreat at St. Paul’s in March and really enjoyed it. I like your website also. Also like one of the guys said maybe you should think about putting your talks on CDs. Thank you again.

    • MMFrench

      Thank you Gerry for the positive feedback. Sorry you couldn’t make the talk at the church, but it’s nice to know that you did come to one of my workshops and found some value there. The CD idea keeps getting tossed at me and I have promised to seriously consider it! I am always happy to listen to suggestions and ways that I can improve and expand upon what has become a very important aspect of what I believe God calls me to do. Thank you again!

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