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God is Good

I have been a bit absent from the blog for the past week or two.  I am sorry to confess that there are times when life really distracts me from what I yearn to do!  But despite the pressures, problems, appointments, and everything else going on, I have been reveling in the abundant evidence around me each day that God is great and good.  I must admit that I am in quite a peaceful and serene place at this point in time — hoping that doesn’t change — but let’s not assume that this is coloring my perception!  😉  I have found quite a bit of joy in the simplest of things of late and perhaps that is (at least in part) the key to inner peace.  A breeze.  The fireflies gathering in the trees and underbrush.  A hummingbird.  The jackrabbit attempting to not be noticed.  A beautiful sunset.  A cool morning.  The floorboards under my feet.  Time for prayer.  The quiet.  Looking at me waxing poetic!  I am trying to make a practice of simply sitting.  Breathing.  Looking.  Clearing the clutter out of my head and just BEING — for a few moments each and every day.  I highly recommend it.

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