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Your “Sparkle”

I was gifted this trendy little ‘sign’ this past Christmas – note what it says – “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle”!  Like so many other catch-phrases, logos, slogans, and pep-talks, it seems to imply that you have a special sparkle, no matter who you may be, and that you shouldn’t let anyone put a damper on that.  Let it all hang out — shine baby shine — you be you!  Perhaps there’s something to be said for that.  It certainly sends a positive message in a manner of speaking.  Not long ago I was inspired to actually hang it up (it had previously been relegated to a shelf with some other knick-knacky things, not overly visible) in my bathroom of all places, because in a way — it matched the decor.  However, once it was hanging in view, for one reason or another, I began to really ponder those words and they took on a whole new meaning for me.

Just exactly what is that ‘sparkle’?

Sparkle.  Just exactly what IS your ‘sparkle’?  Consider this dear reader; the sparkle is no less than the image of God within each of us.  That image resides within us, no matter who we are or what we do with our days — but the question is — how visible is that image?  How bright is the ‘sparkle’?

Have we let someone or something (or more likely someONES and someTHINGS) dull that image within us?  Have we let the secular world and life in general detract from what we were all created for?  Final Beatitude?  I think that those who sparkle most are the ones that embrace their faith and live it without shame, without regret, without embarrassment, and without lukewarmness.  Their sparkle burns bright and draws others toward God — it inspires — it attracts — it transforms.  But when we let the world around us dictate what we should be doing, or watching, or reading, or conversing about, or practicing, or playing, or disregarding, or neglecting, or hiding … When we let the world decide for us what is and is not important or a priority, then the sparkle flickers, it becomes a bit more difficult to see.  We become no different than others who have been fooled by created things assuming that they will bring us happiness; but in fact we learn at some point (sometimes too late) that they do not.

What’s the point you ask?  It’s simple.  Read the sign!  Don’t let anyone (or anything) dull your SPARKLE.  Put the proper value on that image of God within you and care for it, love it, embrace it, and let it shine.  There’s your priority.  There’s what is important.  Therein lies true happiness.

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