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Book Recommendation

Over the summer I have been flying through the books – rekindling my love of reading which was, for several years, a bit stifled or limited — relating only to my studies or my work.  I was determined that over the summer months I would expand my horizons once again and I have found myself pouring through books of many different genres from fiction to memoir, fable-based to mystery, historical to enlightening.  I am pretty pleased with my picks!  I wanted to take just a moment to recommend one of the books that I brought home mid-summer that I had been considering for a few months (not sure when or where I had first heard of it) which far exceeded my expectations.  The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom is a must read.  A memoir (World War II era – Holocaust related) that reads like a novel – this book is deeply rooted in Christian faith.  Throughout the chapters you are presented with many examples of the Christian perspective exhibited by this Dutch family as they are faced with Nazi occupation, imprisonment, difficult choices, and incredible struggles.  Many times I found myself saying out loud “Yes! Exactly!” or felt goosebumps rise as I boggled at the way these people held on to and practiced their faith through the most trying of times.  Written decades ago, it still holds great appeal and I strongly encourage you to pick it up and give it a go.  Easily found on Amazon – or go to my Recommendations tab and find a link for it under “Books”.

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