There are times when I really do have to appreciate God’s ‘sense of humor’.  There’s been a bit of chaos swarming around my life recently – the most recent incident being the breaking of a bone!  A friend and co-worker said to me (upon learning of this latest struggle) that I was living the life of Job lately …  and I have to agree, though I will admit that my trials have been mild.  Here’s the good thing – God knows me better than anyone ever could and He knows my weaknesses and low threshold for many of life’s challenges, so I am counting my blessings that thus far I have muddled through, with His help of course!

That being said, please note that I have remarked more than once over the past couple of days that I am relieved that this foot injury happened during the hot summer months, as I am completely unable to put a shoe on and even an attempt at socks is quite painful.  So in God’s great sense of irony, I wake up today to temperatures that are a good 25 degrees less than the past few weeks, with an even lower forecast for tomorrow – and including a weekend full of rain.  I see what you did there, God!  *wink-wink* *nudge-nudge*  Nothing like smacking me in the head (or rather – cold foot) with the lesson to never take anything for granted.

Point made.

Giggle accomplished.

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