Change change change …

There are times in our lives when we have to be open to change and it can be a very difficult pill to swallow. The real challenge is making change happen when things appear to be going smoothly and the status quo is an established and familiar routine.  We never exist in a state of perfection – to be perfect would be to be God, so we know that there is always room for improvement on a personal level, but this applies to duties and vocations as well.  And that can be scary.

Breaking new ground?

Establishing a new way of doing things?

Designing and implementing a new program?

Making suggestions that you suspect might not be well received (because you are challenging that comfortable status quo)?

All of these scenarios can be quite daunting, but the trepidation we feel is nothing compared to the obligation we take on when we have been inspired to do more. To do better.  To develop a vision and then try to make it happen.  The key here is to remember what is most important; what we were created for, and that is final beatitude.  The catch is that we can’t get there on our own.  We need each other to accomplish such an incredible reward – not only in the realm of collaboration but also in the area of helping others to get to heaven too.  Keep that in mind — the GOAL.  The REASON for being.  And know that change, although difficult, for the right reason and with the proper goal in mind is GOOD.  Never fear failure.  Never be concerned with resistance or blow-back.  Challenge those around you to get on board.  Lead by example.  Push for what you know is right, what is better, what is good, and what is faith-oriented, God-centric, and rooted in getting you and those around you to heaven.  Learn from the disappointments and the failures.  Go at it again.  Keep moving forward.




And pray.

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