Lent: Second Friday

Week number 2 felt like one of extremes. On one side was the flailing attempt to wrestle my Lent practices into submission – the distractions were really creating obstacles that were frustrating me to no end. I am still not entirely sure I have it back under wraps! But that’s another story for another day.

The other extreme – a surprise as well – was the sense of the Spirit hard at work over the last 36 hours. Between the unexpected fruitfulness of the Faith Formation Symposium and the incredible sense of connection and peace at my evening talk (at the retreat center) – I found myself this afternoon in an emotional state that I just couldn’t put my finger on…I thought I was over-whelmed. Over-tired. Over-extended. The noggin was definitely over-loaded.

And then I stopped on the way home for Stations of the Cross and I realized I wasn’t unraveling. No – I was in something akin to a sugar-high caused by an extended period of the Holy Spirit working on my heart. I was dissolving from the inside out, or so it seemed because I kept leaking from my eyes without rhyme or reason!

A full day of down time during which I can hopefully unpack some of what was getting me so emotionally stirred up is on the agenda for tomorrow. I am drained and I know that this post conveys that fact clearly, if nothing else. Maybe some insight over the weekend will inspire a more coherent story for the blog!

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