Lent: Third Friday |OR| Warning: Don’t do Lent under-cover.

Now is a good time to review how your Lent is progressing.  We are rapidly approaching the midway point of this time of preparation for Easter.  I am happy to report – so far so good on my end!  There have been a few times when one or two little items have been neglected or forgotten, but for the most part, having had the foresight to fine-tune my Lent Plan on day two, I’ve been managing it pretty well.  Even better, this year feels more like life changes rather than 40 days.  I can feel some of these prayerful additions to my day becoming habit rather than simply an item on a list to tick off.  That’s the whole point, remember? Clearing out the junk and making room for God in our lives.

In the interest of full disclosure – let me share something with you – something I am not very proud of!  Despite all of the positive additions, alterations, and changes, one of the elements that I wanted to make a faithful part of the Lenten routine was a Daily Examen.  This was progressing very nicely until … (not proud at all!) until I opted to save it for the absolute END of my day, AFTER I am on the bed – crawling under the covers – horizontal — lights out!  I would not recommend this to you unless you plan to do the Examen in your sleep.  Apparently it’s a great meditation practice to instill a sense of drowsiness!

The last three nights I’ve drifted off in the midst of it, before I even had a chance to review my day.  I know what you are thinking — “Mary you said in your first paragraph that so far things were good on your end!  Yet now you tell us that you are falling asleep during your nightly Examen!”  In my own defense, not that I have much of one, it’s been cold (hence the need to hop under the covers) — and I have been run ragged (so I’m extra tired).  I did have full intention of following through – I simply underestimated the power of flannel sheets and lights out persuasion.

I’ve learned my lesson.  Third time was the charm, I suppose.  Anyway, I am going to make a concerted effort at attentiveness.  Hope everyone out there has been having a fruitful Lent thus far and also that you’ve found a great fish fry or two!  If you are local, you might want to give ours, here at Saint Kilian Parish, a try.  Fabulous fish!  No joke!  Click HERE for more info.

Happy Third Friday, everyone!

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