Lent: Sixth Friday

I really don’t know where to begin this week. My brain is definitely all over the map and I can’t quite settle on one thread to put into words for this week’s Lent posting. I suppose then I’ll simply babble. Maybe in some way I cannot yet see, it will all make sense in the end.

Dear Reader, I am fresh off of my annual weekend parish retreat and as always it did not dissapoint. I took copious notes on my thoughts, feelings, and insights so that I might hopefully hang on to the peaceful aura that envelopes me over the course of the weekend. For six years straight I have attended with reservations, prepared for possible let downs, and for six years straight I have been able to look past what could possibly derail the positives and really come away feeling renewed. I was amazed at the correlations between the talks and workshops and my own recent reading, studying, and pondering. I can only hope that I will be able to somehow continue to attend in the years to come.

I think the greatest gift that I was given this past weekend was the ability to let go of a negative interpretation of some experiences that had me feeling frustrated and like a failure, and instead view them as blessings – such incredibly hopeful blessings!

Right on the heels of retreat weekend is the sensation of feeling creatively fruitful — it’s made this week at work simply fly by as I’ve immersed myself in planning, brainstorming, playing with different ideas, and a whole host of inspirations that I didn’t have prior. Thank you again, St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center. And thank you also to the wonderful women who were on retreat with me. I love that no one has any particular expectation of you — we take “You do you, boo!” to new heights, each indulging in our sense of self and trying to get what we need from what is available over the course of the weekend, rather than feeling pressure to do or say or be any sort of thing.

OK, babbling complete. Here we are, the sixth Friday, and Holy Week is on the Horizon. I hope that you, like me, have planned many things for the coming week; Reconciliation, Holy Thursday Mass, Good Friday, and don’t forget to start the Divine Mercy Novena on Friday as well. If you aren’t familiar with it or need a little help and some resources, kindly go HERE.

Have a blessed and fruitful Holy Week everyone!

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