Luke 19:20 Reflection

“Then the other servant came and said, ‘Sir, here is your gold coin; I kept it stored away in a handkerchief’.”

A little context here … a nobleman has given coins to a few individuals in the hope that they will invest his treasure while he is away in search of kingly power. If we think about the coins given as the gifts that God has given us (our talents, special skills, abilities, charisms) we might have quite an ‘ah-hah’! sort of moment.

Those who have traded or invested the wealth and gained interest are rewarded upon the King’s return, but this last one has tucked the treasure away. Granted, he has kept it safe, but he has gained nothing, earned nothing for the King and his kingdom. Our gifts, hidden away, gain nothing. They don’t work for the good of the kingdom and they don’t inspire others if we keep them safely tucked away. Left hidden away, they fail to draw interest or bear fruit. They do not inspire, nor attract. We are all called to use our God-given gifts in a way that will enrich and build up the kingdom. In doing so, our reward will be great in heaven.

Share the gifts. Trade them. Invest with them. Be God’s helpmate in the kingdom.

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