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Knowing God

To Know: to perceive, understand as TRUTH; to apprehend clearly and with CERTAINTY. Fixed in the mind or memory.

How do we come to “know” anything? We come to know over the course of time, through experience, practice, study, relationship, the opening of oneself, sharing. In the same way, we come to know Christ, and note that TRUTH and CERTAINTY speak in terms of absolutes! By knowing Christ, we know God, God who became man. And we know them as TRUTH, with CERTAINTY. We, the image and likeness of God, because we know Christ (and therefore know God) can also know ourselves and know what God intended for us.

Jesus said, “If you know me, then you will also know my father.” – John 14:7. So we must take the time, and we must study, we must practice, we must engage, we must seek. It is possible to know God and to know ourselves within that specific context. And for me, that is how I choose to perceive. What other context of self-knowledge and self-awareness would be even remotely as valuable and awe-inspiring?

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