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I am not proud of myself when long stretches of time slip by during which I have neglected both the blog and the website in general. When this site was first put together, I had quite the vision of a multipurpose website that could accomplish a few different things. First, it would be a clearing house for information about the workshops and talks that I deliver, so that those who ask for notes, information, or summaries, could access and download that information online in a neat and concise format. Second, it would host a blog where I could share tidbits of information, insight, humor, and more. And then third, it seemed logical to add a section for Pilgrimages, because I was on fire to start doing that last summer … traveling a bit, even just locally, and sharing the wealth of locations that could be readily accessed and aid in our spiritual journeys.

And then reality set in. Work (the one that pays the bills) grew more difficult for a variety of reasons. Not only was it taking more time, but it was tiring me out and if I am fair, I have to say has been causing quite a bit of anxiety. At this point, I am starting each day just hoping I can do a bit more than keep my head above water. And so the website (and everything that goes along with it) suffer. Including my own spiritual journey. I think you can safely assume that every time I am absent from the blog, I have way too much on my plate that I am trying to clear. Surely there is a solution – a way to find a proper balance where I can do my job well and still have time for my own spiritual endeavors, but it certainly has become near-impossible, or at least it appears so.

The bright side to it all — the hopeful spark — is that the workshops, the talks, the teaching, the retreats, the website, the blog … these are the things that give me great joy, so I know in my heart that I always come back around but I am disappointed in myself for the sporadic nature of my ability to be consistent. You can’t imagine the many “After I finish this planning …” or “As soon as I get through this program …” or “Once this month ends…” thoughts I go through on a routine basis. If only there weren’t always something else pressing on the other side of each of those statements.

Ah well … onward I go. Chin up and all that. I have a GREAT new workshop for the 2019-2020 Retreat Season at St. Paul of the Cross Monastery Retreat Center that I have been squeezing in time to work on. I can’t wait to start presenting it – and eventually to get the basics up on the website! Hah!

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