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Some Resources for your Quarantine.

I am sure that many of you have been bombarded with emails from every possible business, your parish, schools, and more – with plenty of suggestions for how to save more, shop better, and fulfill some of the space left by social distancing and quarantine.  I wanted to just toss a few suggestions out here that might be of use to you.  Just a limited few.  You already have extensive collections of information to pour through, but I wanted to share a few links that I’ve visited recently that you might find of value.

Diocese of Pittsburgh Live Stream — Mass, prayer, and more.

Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy — Live Stream and schedule for Mass, Adoration, prayer, Divine Mercy chaplet, and more.

Saint Kilian and Holy Sepulcher on YouTube — videos and streaming, Mass, prayer, homilies.

Sts. John & Paul Live Stream — Daily Mass as well as weekend Mass, always at 9 AM.  And just as a side note, this grouping is also offering parking lot drive-up confession at all of their locations.  Consult their website for more information.

FORMED — a great Catholic resource of movies, documentaries, studies, audio files, articles and books, children’s content — and FREE if your parish is subscribed.

Stations of the Cross for Children — A great way to continue the Lenten tradition for your family (or maybe to begin this tradition for your family for the first time), despite quarantine. Courtesy of Loyola Press.

Catholic Icing — Great family friendly blog / website FULL of great ideas for lessons, crafts, sacraments, and so much more.  Must of the content is free.  Worth a look if you have kids at home!

Corona Virus in PA — all the latest news, stats, and even an interactive map.  Stay informed. Stay safe.

If you use the Nextdoor App – they have a new service that allows members to mark themselves on a map as volunteers willing to help those in need during this quarantine.  If you are healthy and able you might want to check that out and offer assistance to your at-risk or neighbors in need with grocery pick up and the like.  Smart phone or computer, there’s an app for that!


There you have it. Just some basics to start you off.  I’ll post more as time passes.  Stay home, stay healthy!  Pray.


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