Joyful Pilgrim Files – Finally!

So on my “Pandemic Calendar” of tasks to do each day, today was the day to FINALLY update the website with some detailed information about the Joyful Pilgrim workshop that ran this retreat season at the monastery. So for those of you who attended but need some notes to refer to, or even for those of you who may have selected a different workshop (or a nap!) that day and wish you had the information, now is your chance. Please feel free to visit the page and reference the various files. Granted, it’s not as in depth as the workshop and without being able to really walk you through it in detail, please know that if you shoot me an email or comment here if you have any confusion or need further information – I will happily oblige as best as I can.

And let’s be honest here, no one could have predicted this pandemic, but the Joyful Pilgrim plan and workshop couldn’t have possibly been more appropriately timed! Hope you can get something of spiritual value from it not only now, but beyond the pandemic. And even if you didn’t attend the retreat or the workshop, it’s a plan for everyone. Enjoy!

Read more about the Joyful Pilgrim by clicking HERE.


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