Challenge: Lent Fridays

Admittedly, this isn’t a difficult one. But hear me out – I promise I won’t keep you long. Throughout this pandemic, we’ve been encouraged to support small businesses impacted by the Global Pandemic; particularly restaurants. I know that most have taken this plea to hear over the past 11 months and personally, I have had several warm and fuzzy moments when those business owners slipped notes of thanks into my delivery box or bag. Perhaps you’ve experienced this too?

Now that Lent is here, I’d like to challenge you to throw support in another direction. I’m not saying to stop prioritizing those local business owners. No indeed. But what I am asking is that if you plan to participate in Fish Fry Fridays, you do so by ordering from your local parishes. Many churches, although not able to seat guests in a dining area, are still offering take-out in an effort to raise funds. Our parishes have been hit hard by this pandemic and need us now, more than ever. Go ahead and order from your local favorites on the other 6 days of the week, but on Fridays, show some love for those who feed our spiritual souls.

And I’ll say thank-you, in advance, from them to you.

— Mary


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