Mary French
Director of Faith Formation
Saint Kilian Parish

Welcome to Be Holy Anyway!  Here, on this website, it is my hope that you will find tools, tips, and thoughtful commentary on the topic of growth in holiness.  I am a former college history instructor (holding both a Bachelors in History and Masters in International Studies), also certified in the state of Pennsylvania as a Secondary Social Studies Teacher.  Additionally, I posses a Masters degree in Theology which I am incredibly happy to put to good use.  I began offering workshop presentations at Saint Paul of the Cross Monastery Retreat Center on the South Side of Pittsburgh a few years ago.  More recently I have been invited to speak at different locations around the Diocese of Pittsburgh and also accepted a position as the Director of Faith Formation at Saint Kilian parish in Cranberry Township, PA.

As a mother, a grandmother, and former military spouse, my experiences and the lessons I have learned along the way have led me right here to this point in my life — all part of a plan.  God’s plan!  My job is to cooperate with His Will and get on board.  I think that I have finally reached that point in life and I embrace it.

I am hopeful that what I share with you, whether on this website or at my workshops, will help your efforts to better understand Catholicism and God’s plan for each of us. Take your time looking around this site.  As time goes on you will find more information on different faith related topics, recommendations for books and other websites, files that you can download with notes from my presentations, a blog, and much more. The Holy Spirit has definitely been hard at work, inspiring much over the past few years.  To the many retreat attendees who have approached me inquiring about more information on the topics I have presented; may you find something here that helps you on your journey to Be Holy Anyway!

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